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The Interim Tax Network offers clients a cost-effective, flexible and reliable in-house tax executive: an experienced tax lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of your business and the tax expertise of a consultant, who is an integral part of your organisation for one or more (fixed) days a week or month, or for a specific project. This is the ideal solution for clients who do not need a full-time tax manager, but do require tax support on an ongoing basis.

With active knowledge sharing, smart collaboration and agreements on mutual substitution within our network, The Interim Tax Network offers more continuity and high-quality tax services at clear prices.

The Interim Tax Network’s proposition is neither secondment nor recruitment and selection: what you see is what you get, because you as the client chooses a tax executive from our network in consultation.

Let us sort it out

What we do not do, is replace your regular external tax consultant or consultants. The Interim Tax Network focuses especially on tax activities that can be handled in-house much more efficiently, better and faster. In contrast to an external tax consultant, we provide an in-house tax manager. As a trusted business partner, The Interim Tax Network supports the company/CFO/director and major shareholder/shareholders/finance manager/fund manager in the area of tax: we handle all the company’s tax affairs, saving our clients time to deal with other important matters.

Our tax executives go beyond just tax issues and address (tax) strategy, technology, financial impact, risk management, change management and clear and simple communication within the company. Our tax executives work in partnership with your external tax consultants, and – if desired – we can coordinate the process to engage specialist (tax) expertise.

Our customers

Clients of The Interim Tax Network include Netherlands-based and foreign private equity parties, family offices, funds, multinationals, scale-ups and SME enterprises who wish to have more control of their tax position and want tax matters taken off their hands.

Examples of our activities

Examples of our activities

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