Join The Interim Tax Network

Our network is innovative for you as an interim tax manager and our clients and is also financially and substantively interesting in the current interim (tax) market. Joining The Interim Tax Network as an independent (interim) tax manager is attractive because of:

  • Interesting, varied and more sustainable assignments;
  • Handing over marketing and acquisition;
  • Using our back office for agenda management, administration, tax databases and knowledge, tax (junior) support, a temporary workplace or meeting room and other facilities;
  • A strong network, both substantively and relational;
  • Tailor-made permanent education (hard and soft skills) and periodic (tax) knowledge sessions;
  • The financially extremely interesting proposition.

The Interim Tax Network is always looking for suitable partners for the network. This is possible if you are already active as an interim tax manager, but certainly also if you want to transfer from a permanent job (in that case ask for our complete manual on how to arrange this properly). If you are interested you can always contact us, we are happy to answer all your questions and have a more detailed memo with the most important questions and answers about joining our network.

The Benefits

The Interim Tax Network focuses on longer-term tax support for our clients for a fixed day per week for periods starting from one year. This allows you to build up valuable knowledge of the company and the market it operates in, helping you to become a better adviser, and you will have a fixed income for a longer period of time at competitive rates.

You can choose to work for clients for several part-days through The Interim Tax Network, and thus build up a diverse and long-term client base, or you can do short projects of your own alongside. Working in partnership with The Interim Tax Network may for example be a smart step to get to know a new market, to get a taste of interim work, or it may be a good opportunity to work part-time.

The Interim Tax Network handles all the marketing activities and acquisition efforts to generate interesting flexible contracts for the network. You remain an independent entrepreneur and you invoice The Interim Tax Network in accordance with a contract for services.

We have extensive and growing back office support. The Interim Tax Network allows you to use our tax databases and literature, and receive (tax) support from junior assistants to deal with simple questions or to prepare cases. We can also deal with invoicing, agenda management, telephone and a work area or meeting room.

The Interim Tax Network wants to offer you as an interim professional an interesting network with substantively challenging work, experienced tax specialists to collaborate with, good financial preconditions and unburdening you as an entrepreneur.

The Interim Tax Network offers its partners tailored permanent education (hard and soft skills).

The Interim Tax Network is always looking to add good partners to its network. Please contact Marc Magrijn (+ 31 626562186) or Marc Oostenbroek (+ 31 683209914).