The Interim Tax Network is the reliable partner for tailor-made in-house tax support by experienced tax managers and offers interim tax managers a community.

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  • Project management or support for ad-hoc projects with tax implications such as purchase and sales processes (M&A), reorganizations, product development, software implementation, due diligence, or due diligence investigations.
  • Identifying and limiting tax risks and identifying opportunities.
  • Monitoring and resolving the tax issues arising from a Tax DD.
  • Complete implementation of external tax advice.
  • Identifying needs in the field of tax management, setting up a tax department and providing tax support for international expansion of activities.
  • Coordinating and arranging all tax matters, including maintaining relationships with external (tax) advisers and tax authorities at home and abroad.
  • Maintaining an overview of all tax matters and drawing up periodic (tax) reports.
  • Tax support for other (internal) disciplines such as commerce, finance & control, accounting, treasury, legal, risk, or the external accountant. Consider, for example, input on budgets, investment and divestment proposals, the tax position in the annual accounts, the tax assessment of financing, cash management, or the assessment of contracts.
  • Monitoring, preparation, and substantive support for all tax compliance including corporate income tax, VAT, payroll taxes, withholding taxes, and transfer pricing (including master and local files and benchmark reports).
  • Engaging the right tax advisers and monitoring and optimizing the tax advice budget.
  • Providing internal tax training and improving tax awareness within the organization.

Benefits for the client

  • Your own tax executive who is an integral (sustainable) part of your organization for one or more (fixed) days per week, month, or specific project. A solution for organizations that do not (yet) need a full-time tax manager but do want more permanent flexible support in the tax field.
  • A more complete and objective view of the tax risks and opportunities within your organization and a more proactive approach to tax issues. Our tax executives take care of all the company’s tax matters so that the client has more time for other important matters. Read moreMany companies or business units that do not have their own tax manager rely almost completely on external tax consultants. The problem is that these cannot provide the desired hands-on attention in a cost-effective way. External consultants usually do not know the organisation and the environment well enough and they do not know the people and systems closely enough to be able give advice on tax risks and opportunities with maximum added value.In these companies, the tax position is usually handled by a number of different departments and individuals, who do not necessarily have the right expertise and training, and often lack motivation, true ownership (from idea to full implementation), and real insight. As such companies grow, the complexity of taxation and often also the costs of external advice rapidly increase.In many cases the companies do not yet hire a full-time tax manager, although there is clearly a need for more long-term support. Companies that do have a tax affairs department may also often require flexible expertise on a particular country or focus area. The Interim Tax Network can fill this gap by offering clients flexible but long-term in-house tax services
  • More complete services in the field of tax management through active knowledge sharing and drawing up “best practices” within our network. Read moreInterim tax managers are usually self-employed. The Interim Tax Network offers its clients more substantial services by (confidentially) sharing knowledge across the network and so exploiting the expertise of the whole network. Concretely, the partners in the network exchange knowledge, collaborate on standardised recommendations, (implementation) plans, models and checklists. Through our network we facilitate ongoing internal (tax) training and soft skills. For the sake of efficiency we use smart ICT solutions to handle our dossiers, but the expertise and quality of the people is always the bottom line.Our network of tax managers is trained in internationally operating consultancy firms and companies and is affiliated with the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (NOB). All partners are self-employed, ambitious, committed and used to work in different teams with distinct cultures and to strict deadlines.
  • Higher continuity of services through interchangeability. Read moreThe distinctive benefit of engaging The Interim Tax Network is that the affiliated tax executives use each other’s expertise in order to provide the best possible tax support and must be able to substitute for one another for clients if necessary, or provide back-up when someone is ill. This may be useful when the requirement for a specific project changes or a project demands more time. 
  • Savings on external consultancy costs and clear price agreements about our services. Read more The Interim Tax Network works on the basis of a fixed agreed effort in terms of part-days at a fixed rate. We periodically discuss our focus areas and efforts with the client based on a plan of action. This ensures a balanced division of work throughout the year and transparency in terms of costs. In consultation it is always possible to request additional capacity where needed due to growth or special circumstances.